Monday, 11 April 2016

I See No Ships - Oh Yes I Do!

Greetings Gentle readers,

Up to recently I have shown off my X-Wing Miniatures Game fleets in a splendid IKEA glass display cabinet - an absolute steal at £40, with a £5 LED to light it, also from IKEA.

The Detolf Cabinet from Ikea

The Ledberg Display Light

However, the ships always managed to appear somewhat jumbled and untidy. As an example, here was the shelf holding my Imperials:

So after a midnight brainwave, I rummaged through ebay until I found what I was looking for - ultra-cheap shop display stands in some form of clear acrylic or Perspex:

At just over a fiver each these solved the problem at a pinch. I would have almost the same floorspace per shelf but with the elevations in place, the individual ships would stand out more. I had to use two per shelf for maximum effect:

Aaaah - and relax! Maybe it's an OCD thing, but that seems miles better to me!

Until next time......

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