Tuesday, 24 June 2014

First dip into the waters: My Painting Area

This is the very first tentative dip of my toes into the waters of the
Blogging ocean - I figure that it will give me an added reason to paint (in order to post pictures) and maybe even wargame more (perhaps an AAR or two?). I aspire to come up with something akin to those of my blogging heroes: Legatus, Steve's Random Musings, Loki's Great Hall, etc.
In order to get the Blog off the ground, here is a picture of my current painting set-up:

My Painting Area
The paint tray is an Ikea lap tray with the legs removed (£5 - beat that GW!), and my paints are sitting in budget Perspex nail art racks. Just to show I'm not a complete cheapskate, you can also see an Oshiro paintbrush rack - an excellent item which I can thoroughly recommend.

Also in view are two elbow supports (a 50p garden kneeler cut in two) - Am I the only painter who gets sore elbows/forearms?!

Anyway - it appears I am now paddling in the Blogging ocean, so until I summon up the courage to dive in, that will do for now. Until next time.......

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