Saturday, 28 June 2014

Paint Table Saturday

My first ever Paint Table Saturday (Excellent idea Sofia!), and its already proved to be an incentive to paint more, so can only be a Good Thing!

Nothing earth-shattering to show though.....

I have started some Reaper Bones figures - here you can see a selection of civilians (for my Fantasy Inn, more of which later), two scorpions ready for some detailing, a purple (blue?!) worm, and a ghost undercoated in Vallejo pale sand. I love painting spirits, ghosts etc. A simple light basecoat and different ink washes and they look great, although I have yet to attempt one of the Bones plastic figures, so we'll see how that pans out....
I am trialling a new way of painting skin tones on the bar staff - seems to be working so far! My general comment on the range is that they are a bit tricky to clean up well, but take paint ok, and look promising.
Eagle-eyed readers will have spotted an Otherworld Miniatures statue/idol and a Warlord M24 Chaffee in the background, which have been undercoated, ready for some attention this week.

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