Saturday, 26 July 2014

Paint Table Saturday and Armoured Bulldozer

Yet another hectic week at work has precluded any posts until now! I am painting up some 15mm AWI from Peter Pig as DeLancey's brigade, and have almost finished the delightful medieval lock-up from Magister Militum.

I also managed to complete the 28mm armoured bulldozer I picked up from those lovely people at Urban Construct, when I popped into Colours last year. I plan to use it as an objective for Bolt Action, or possibly during some WW2 skirmish games, if I ever manage to find (or write) some rules that I'm happy with!
It was a nice solid resin piece, and should look good with my ruined house from Warbases and the rubble piles I got from Dreamholme Scenics, which I must get round to painting.
Until next time....

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