Thursday, 28 August 2014

A Mixed Bag

Just a quick update following a long weekend in Kent. We always stay in the delightful Miller's Arms when in Canterbury, and it was a great weekend as usual. On a minor note, I know that hops form a sort of currency in that neck of the woods, but why do they have to put so many in the beer?! It seemed over-hopped to the nth degree, but what do I know - I've only been drinking the stuff for decades now!

On the painting/gaming front I finally managed to finish some dead livestock that have been lying around (literally) half-completed for ages: Warlord Games' Dead Cows. Ideal for WW2 Normandy, and possibly a good name for a backing group (Pendragon Without & The Dead Cows?!). This pack comes with a dead horse too, which I have already used in my Indian Mutiny set-up.

I also completed 4Ground's excellent 15mm Militia Blockhouse. I can't fault it - it does exactly what it says on the tin. Now it needs a bit of a scenic base to complete it, and possibly a thin wash just to darken it down a bit.

And finally, I received through the post some extra naval bits for my 1/6000 games - some merchant ships from Bend Sinister ( Some are afloat, and some are sinking, but all are very nice! Ideal for convoy games as you can imagine.

Hoping to post on PTS this weekend, so until next time.............

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