Saturday, 16 August 2014

Paint Table Saturday and New Scenery

I had to put the highlanders to one side as I was getting frustrated with them JUST NOT GOING RIGHT! I shall return to them once I have calmed down a bit.....

As a consequence I started the British Grenadier battalion, but didn't get far:

I also dug out a piece of scenery I bought a while ago - a 15mm Militia Blockhouse. I appreciate this is probably/possibly a bit anachronistic for the AWI, but I'm sure there must have been a few still in use during the conflict?
I am still undecided when it comes to laser-cut scenery - some of it looks great, whilst some of it looks exactly like what it is - some bits of wood glued together! We'll see how this turns out. It's a pretty simple shape and should lend itself to a small, irregular stockade with maybe a small cabin included.
Until next time........

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