Saturday, 2 August 2014

Paint Table Saturday comes around too soon

Again a very slow week on the painting front thanks to the demands of work, Mum having her knee replaced (with barbed wire judging by the pain relief she's on), and the current wife requiring an evening meal at a local hostelry. Nonetheless, managed to start some Peter Pig Highlanders for the AWI collection:

Despite my best intentions the AWI church remains unfinished, but I will tackle it tomorrow. The week was improved on Friday by the arrival of my order from Magister Militum - the start of as new project which has been in the back of my mind for a while: WW2 naval gaming. I used to play in 1/2400 but no longer have the space (or the ships!) hence the drop in scale. It should make the gun ranges more realistic anyway. The ships are tiny but delightful, but will be a challenge to paint I suspect. I plan to acquire a sheet of blue plastic cut to size so it will just drop into the frame of my gaming table.

Just missing the Tribal class destroyers as they were out of stock, but are on back order (6-8 weeks apparently). Once all (or most of) these are painted up I'll purchase either some early war German or Italian ships as an adversary. Now I've got to find a decent set of fairly simple rules that play well solo, or write my own.......wish me luck!
Until next time........

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