Thursday, 23 October 2014

Dear Secret Santa.......

This year's Secret Santa is under way thanks to The Blog with No Name and it has been suggested I post a small list of my needs/wants/interests to assist my own personal Santa.

Therefore, in no particular order:

  • A night out with Bjork, Paloma Faith and Stevie Nicks (I will consider these separately if procurement looks problematical)
  • 28mm Mounted medieval knights - Crusader, Curteys, Gripping Beast etc.
  • 1/6000 German ww2 ships - Hallmark/Magister Militum
  • 28mm Norman/Frankish archers or crossbowmen - Crusader, Perry etc.
  • 28mm Dungeon Scenery
  • Produce set - Warlord
  • Plastic ruined house kit - Warlord
  • 28mm Fantasy treasure chests
  • 28mm Pilgrim's Cross - Grand Manner
  • 15mm AWI British (3 foot packs = 1 Battalion) - Peter Pig
  • Surprise me!

I am attempting to suss out my own target's wants and needs, so I can appreciate the value of a helpful list - it can be a difficult business otherwise!

Can I also repeat a warning from my Google+ Page:

Yesterday I had my Amazon account hacked to the tune of £432.99  -  Look to your passwords everyone. Hopefully they've caught it in time and I will get the cash back,,,,,,,,but I am one angry baby!
Until next time.......

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