Thursday, 30 October 2014

Lion Rampant - Perry Miniatures' Retinues

Thanks to the new combination of Man and Chair in perfect harmony, work continues apace on my Wars of the Roses retinues for Lion Rampant. All the figures are Perry, either plastic or metal.
I completed a surfeit of men at arms, enabling me to pick and choose which I want to use. These chaps caused me some issues:

Basically their polearms are extremely soft an flimsy and throughout the cleaning-up process I was continually re-straightening the damn things. I don't know if this is a common problem of Perry miniatures, but I can see issues once they are painted, especially with excessive handling. The plastic Foot Knights, by comparison, seemed robust and somehow 'beefier'.

I am creating two retinues, so here are the two Leaders, unnamed as yet:

And for a bit of variety I have two others so I can ring the changes as required. These need rebasing - I am using plastic lipped bases for the leaders so they stand out, which is a prerequisite of the Lion Rampant rules.
Each retinue will consist of four units:
  • 1 unit of Men at Arms on foot (including the Leader) - 6 figures
  • 2 units of expert archers - 12 figures each
  • 1 unit of expert foot sergeants - 12 figures
I will be creating some mounted units and also some mercenaries to add even more variety. The bulk of the retinues will be plastic figures. These are a bit of a pain to clean up, but relatively easy to assemble, and can be combined in a variety of ways (especially when mixed with the Perry's European Infantry boxed set) so that each unit has an individual flavour.
These are the first unit of expert archers. Like all the non-leader figures, they are based on mdf discs from Warbases:
So, progress has been made and thanks to my new chair, I seem to be making inroads into this new project.
Until next time......

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