Wednesday, 5 November 2014


Dear Bloggers,
I am planning a birthday trip to Salute 2015. I am also planning on taking the current wife as she says I never take her out.....

So I need help - I haven't been often or recently (ie once to Kensington and once to Excel) so I would greatly appreciate any advice you could provide: Queuing; do I pre-buy tickets or not? Convenient hotels? Parking? Nearby retail therapy outlets in case Mrs Pendragon gets bored? Suitable footwear? Is there anywhere I can squeeze in a mid-show nap? Can I be arrested for punching a stormtrooper?

I know it's six months away, but I am looking forward to it already!

I appreciate a good trawl of the web may help with some of these questions, if not all, but I believe your experiences would be a much better guide, so thanking you all in anticipation:  HELP!

Until next time..........

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