Sunday, 16 November 2014

PTS (without the paint...) and more Perry Plastics

Paint Table Saturday came and went without the paints coming out of storage due to a combination of work commitments and ill-health. Nonetheless I managed to get the rest of the 'extras' for Lion Rampant ready:

Six mounted men-at-arms and twelve mercenary pikemen. These are ready for undercoating (if the weather ever improves) although the mounted leader's horse needs rebuilding as I'm unhappy with how I've configured the horse's armour - Scanning the web it appears it's not just me who's had trouble. It's an issue of marrying up the front plates with each other and having the moulded strap supports finish in the right place.

I also completed a small piece of scenery - the Perry open wagon for the same period:

The corks in the background will enable me to paint the knights once they've had pins inserted somewhere in their anatomy. Of all the plastics I've cleaned up ready for painting, the pikemen have proved the easiest, and I like the look of the completed figures:
 Gods willing I'll be able to get the paints out this coming week - I now have a considerable backlog to apply the brushes to, and Naval November is also ticking away....
Until next time..............

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