Sunday, 7 December 2014

Showcase - Part 3 of an occasional series

Once again to reiterate - My showcase series is not to say 'Look how clever I am' - I am well aware that there are much better painters and modellers than me out there! I just use this series to share items in my collection that I am particularly happy with and that others may appreciate or enjoy.

Enough - This time it's the Perry Medieval Cottage. A lovely kit to build, and one that lends itself to looking good on the tabletop with the minimum of work:

It comes with a small animal shelter/wood store, which I think would benefit from some sawn logs (i.e. cut-up twigs) to finish off - Note to self.

I tried to keep the colours fairly muted, and not overdo the groundwork. I could have added beehives (from Grand Manner) and perhaps a tree or two, but I think the finished item benefits from its simplicity. It's too easy sometimes to overpower a piece with accessories. Plus it leaves room for figures, something I often overlook!

The base is a cake board (the silver type) with mixed grade sand glued on. Ground colours were charred brown, desert yellow then skeleton bone. I used only two types of flock; coarse turf and fine static grass. I topped this off with a rubberised horsehair bush and some Army Painter summer clumps of grass. The bench is from Midlam Miniatures who make all sorts of interesting items.

Army Painter anti-shine spray finished off the piece. The Current Wife has pointed out that I photographed it on the most worn piece of hall carpet there is in the house and I should be ashamed! New carpet time in January methinks!
Until next time...............

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