Saturday, 27 June 2015

And finally.....

Greetings Gentle Readers,

At the risk of boring you rigid with my recent travails with 1st Corps (here and here), I have finally had a response from them. Given that my last email to them (Subject: Third attempt at Contact) was this:

'Hi, My current Blog post which mentions 1st Corps can be found here (link),
Stuart Markham'

Well, they emailed me the following:

'Hello Mark,

We didn't receive your 2 previous emails and thought this was  a
spam mail due to the subject line and link. Sorry about the mistake but i'm sure
a phone call would have sorted the mistake rather than publishing it on your
We'll get the extra spears off to you asap.


So I replied:

'Hello Michael,
Actually my name's Stuart, but I get that a lot. First two emails were via your 'contact us' page on the website, so that seems not to be working. If neither of those got through and my third attempt was dismissed as Spam then how did you know about my problem? Presumably my Blog, so it did its job. In this day and age emails should be sufficient to resolve problems, even one as trivial as this. I will post a blog showing your response, but a lot of people agreed with my being hacked off, so you might want to get the email situation sorted.
Stuart (Pendragon Without) '

And that would appear to be that. Was I write to blog the situation? I believe yes, given the lack of response. Should I have rung them up and complained - probably, but then I've got the internet, so why should I pay for the call? And, as my email says, if they hadn't registered three attempts to contact, it must have been the blog that got a response so I guess I am justified in my course of actions.

Enough of 'Speargate' as I have come to call it! I am off to live in a lovely pub in Canterbury for a few days

 so posts will cease, and I will hopefully return refreshed and relaxed, and slightly larger around the belly. Any suggestions for good stuff to look at in Kent whilst there will be gratefully received!

Until next time....

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