Sunday, 8 May 2016

A Descent into Madness.

Greetings Gentle Readers,

I fear I have temporarily forsaken my little lead friends and started an undertaking, a project, that both inspires and delights, and I am unable to say where it might end....

My partner Artemis and I share a love of all things Steampunk, and we have now committed to a few events around the country, so it's time to prepare our costumes before we enter the world of Tea-Duelling, Jetpack Races, and Grand Steam Balls (if you'll pardon the expression)! We aim to celebrate ERB, Professor Cavor, Space 1899, Springheel Jack and all things in between. I have no doubt it will also inform my war gaming and RPG interests.

So, Artemis will become Madame Kraken - Secret Operative for Her Imperial Majesty Queen Victoria. As her business card reads: Anomalies Investigated - Discretion Assured. This is the plan for her outfit:

Yes I know I can't draw! We have since added an eyepatch with a blue glass eye (of which more anon). First step was the dress with Kraken symbolism everywhere:

The eyepatch before modification.

The Parasol - Believe it or not, we have a matching shower curtain!

The dress - Work in progress

So work continues apace, as our first outing is Comic Con later this month. More details of Madame Kraken will follow, plus details of my first character - Bowen Tyler, Dinosaur Hunter and Lost World guide (Burrough's fans will get the reference), with hopefully a blow-by-blow account of building my hunter's Clockwork Rifle, which I've nearly finished.

For those who visit for war gaming items, they will reappear I am sure, but I have limited hobby time, but they will be back, so watch this space.

Until next time...

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