Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Lincoln Steampunking Part the Second

Greetings Gentle Readers,

More costuming from Lincoln, including the birth of a new league of superheroes!

The Revengers - From Right to Left, The Deadly Assassin Madame Kraken, Professor Cavor - Scientific Genius, and The Mistress of the Seas - Spurned Lover of that bastard Nemo......

The Revengers frequented numerous pubs throughout Lincoln, picking up gossip and rumours which enabled them to piece together whether Steampunk constituted a threat to Her Imperial Majesty, Queen Victoria.

Queen Victoria - Armed and Dangerous

During these 'investigations' some scurrilous types were encountered:
The Thieving Magpie - One for Sorrow

Allan Quatermain, complete with kilt
The Raven, Short but Deadly

Captain Smith of the First Airship Flotilla
Corporal Punishment of the Twelfth Burlesque Regiment, and AMIE (Automated Male Intimate Entertainer)

..and Juniper Jones, AKA The Dragonfly and her Jetpack

and finally, the dastardly Lord Elpuss, white slave trader and all-round Cad...

With such rogues abroad, it's no wonder Her Majesty turns to The Revengers for aid!

Revengers Dissemble!

Until next time.......

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