Sunday, 9 February 2020

The Horus Heresy, or Rogal Dorn - His part in my Downfall

Well, I thought the 40K itch had been scratched years ago, especially given that they now have 'Primaris' Marines, which appears to be an anagram of 'Marketing Ploy'. So, in my FLGS I came across a crudely built and undercoated Dreadnought. My fevered brain, not long recovered from the man-flu immediately persuaded me to buy it, strip it down, augment it with bits from ebay, and start on (yet) another project. That in turn has led me to investigating the accumulated lore of the Horus Heresy, and seeing how things have changed since the days of my Rogue Trader-era figures! This enabled me to steer entirely clear of this Primaris nonsense and concentrate on what I consider to be 'proper' marines! My painting skills with power armour are not what they were, and my WW2 tank-weathering looks a tad heavy-handed on the dreadnought, but I am enjoying myself, and that, after all, is what the hobby is all about. Have a good week.