Saturday, 12 July 2014

Paint Table Saturday

I missed last week's PTS due to my first ever attack of the Kidney Stones of Doom, a curse best reserved for people who play with unpainted figures. As you would expect, it seriously curtailed my painting (basically they won't let you paint in hospital!), but I'm now playing catch-up......

Currently working on the furniture for my fantasy tavern, as you can see it's only just been started. I am also trying out the verdigris effect (the two braziers in the foreground) promised by Citadel's new technical paint Nihilakh Oxide. I'm usually a Vallejo/Game Colour man, so we'll see how this offering from the Evil Empire pans out.

(And that's a post for another time - what the hell happened to Games Workshop? I remember with great fondness the flexibility of the early rules and building my own 40K vehicles from empty deodorant sticks. The short answer will be 'Money' - it usually is....)

The baseboard for the tavern is complete so I'll try and put a few pictures up this weekend to illustrate how it will all go together. I have also found on YouTube a few samples of 'Fantasy Tavern Background Sound Effects and Music' - I kid you not - which do sort of bring things to life a bit. Whether I'd use them in an actual game is another matter. I do recall from my distant youth the use of music/sound effects with wargames - Callan comes to mind for some reason, so that's a good excuse to check out the original movie/series!

Until next time.......

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