Saturday, 20 September 2014

All Hail the Royal Mail

Surprisingly my last post got the most page views of my (albeit short) blogging career, which suggests that my terrible sense of humour is more entertaining than my hobby-related stuff! Yikes!

Moving swiftly on, our postie (who is one of the grumpiest people ever born) came up trumps with two lovely packages. Firstly my pre-order of Lion Rampant by Dan Mersey, via Amazon:

I'll let you know what I think of it once I've had a good read.
Then my (discounted) goodies from Peter Pig - more Continentals and some more British dragoons:
Paint Table Saturday this week showed Tarleton's boys, some guns and command figures, plus the ongoing little churchyard:
The churchyard needs a little more paint, some flock and shrubbery before it's finished, but I am relatively happy with how it turned out, simple but effective:
This week I also managed to complete the Hessian Jagers and Fusiliers:

I actually really enjoyed painting the Fusiliers. They are meant to be Von Dittfurth's battalion, and I love their 'toy soldier' look. I am not a great fan of  'old school' wargaming - complete with lime green table - nor the fad for imagi-nations, but I can perhaps see the attraction of the uniforms.
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