Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Elegy from a Country Churchyard

Just a short post about the completed churchyard for my 15mm AWI terrain. I completed the Magister Militum church back in August, but it looked a bit stark and bare:

So I built a small churchyard using some cut-down Renedra fencing and Peter Pig gravestones and tree. I was careful to leave enough room inside to take a battalion of two bases, 60mm x 30mm:

So once it was fully painted I flocked it with dark green grass powder. This looked too bare, so I added some coarse turf and some clumps of bushes and grass to make it look a tad more realistic:

And in situ:
....and finally, containing some highlanders:

Only a small side project, but enjoyable for all that. I'm currently working on a secret project for The Santa Clause, so Paint Table Saturday may suffer this week!

Until next time............


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