Saturday, 6 September 2014

Paint Table Saturday

Got some more done to the dreaded highlanders for my AWI British Army. These have been a real bugbear and I re-started them once - It happens sometimes with figures that you just have to stop and start again because things are definitely not going right.

Thankfully they are nearing completion now! I like the buff leggings so I'll probably try those on some other troops (I am obviously the Gok Wan of Wargaming)!

This means that the forces of the Crown almost total eight battalions:

I think 9 or 10 battalions plus a small amount of cavalry and artillery will suffice for now to get gaming (although I haven't even started the Continentals yet!). I can always add more later if the games seem to need it. Still not sure if I'll use Will McNally's rules ( or a version of Andy Callan's classic Loose Files & American Scramble (, or something else entirely.
I've also been working on some scenery so will post some photos of that soon.
Until next time............

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