Tuesday, 16 September 2014

The Santa Clause

Chris over at Wargamer's Odds and Ends has been organising a sort of secret santa type thing called SANTA CLAUSE and I have been very remiss in not promoting it, although I did manage to enrol for this Christmas, albeit at the last minute.

What if I offered you a fiver?
Essentially you are given the contact details of a fellow blogger and have to research their interests (via his or her blog of course) and come up with £5 worth of painted figures or terrain for them to open up on Christmas Day. Now I'm not a huge fan of December 25th, but if I can put a smile on a fellow-gamer's face by painting something outside my comfort zone, then why not?!
Thanks to Chris for doing all the hard work, and I promise to advertise it more thoroughly next year!
In the meantime I shall document the painting of my 'gift' and put up some pictures after Christmas (don't want to spoil the surprise, after all).
Until next time.............

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