Saturday, 13 September 2014

Paint Table Saturday

Continuing my goal of completing two small armies for the AWI, I have been working on some Indians to act as skirmishers for either side - these are almost finished:

Plus some Hessian Jagers which I failed to finish, despite my best intentions:

Nonetheless I got quite a lot of painting done this week despite my working life being very demanding.
Yesterday my back order of Tribal Class Destroyers sailed in from Magister Militum ahead of schedule which was nice.

Looking ahead, in a few weeks time my mate Mog and I shall be visiting Normandy for the first time, walking the beaches and museums, plus a trip to Pegasus Bridge, the Falaise Gap and Hill 112, so expect this blog to suddenly go all WW2 when I get back! I shall take plenty of pictures to bore you with too!
Until next time.........

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