Thursday, 11 September 2014


Apart from the varnish and flock the AWI wagons are finished:


I enjoyed painting these far more than I thought I would! They seemed like a chore when I started, but they were extremely relaxing to do. My favourite is the mobile forge at the back.

I also started work on the churchyard to accompany the church I posted about on August 5th (Go here if you want a peek).
This will sit on one side of the church once it's painted and flocked. The white metal bits are PP, and the fence is cut-down renedra picket fence:

As you can see in the picture below there is just enough room for one of my AWI battalions - in this case some light infantry:
I'll post a pic when it's complete. Working tonight on some hessian jagers, from Peter Pig. Many thanks to Gingerbhoy Roy who told me about PP's current discount code, and thus saved me a few quid on my latest purchase - yet more continentals!
Until next time..........

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