Saturday, 4 October 2014

PTS, Update and Off to Normandy

Some progress on the medieval buildings for Lion Rampant - the Tabletop Workshop Chapel, and I have started Total Battle Miniatures' Market Cross:

They both need some major dirtying-up yet though!
During the week I received these - also for Lion Rampant, which will temporarily go into the Shed of Delights until I start assembling my medieval forces:
I completed my Santa Clause gift for a fellow Blogger, and have taken some photo's so I can post about it next year(!). I have also entered this year's Secret Santa, so looking forward to finding out who I'm buying for.
Neil Thomas' Microwave Wargaming  One-Hour Wargames popped through the door courtesy of Grumpy Mailman so I shall take that away with me next week - The cover is definitely different from Amazon's pre-order picture, it now has a WW2 theme. I like it less:

On that note I will be in Normandy with my mate Mog visiting all the pertinent sites next week, so looking forward to that immensely, not least because I love both red wine, and rustic farmhouse cider, as well as visiting battlefields! Hence, no blogging until I return with a loaded camera and some duty-free goodies. The downside is I have to clear my painting set-up from the dining room table before I go!
Have a peep here at Gingerbhoy Roy's Blog and have a go at his Naval November theme paint-up - I'm going to - another good excuse to stretch the painting muscles!
Until next time.........

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