Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Medieval Buildings

Continuing the few bits of 28mm terrain I am knocking up for Lion Rampant, I have got some paint on the Perry medieval cottage - I just need to matt it down, then create the groundwork and add a few details to the base:

I also started the Medieval Chapel from Tabletop Workshop, which is a neat little kit (almost too neat, if you see what I mean). I plan to put this on a small base of plasticard cobbles:

I appreciate that in the medieval period a 'brand new' chapel is quite feasible, but I do like my scenery lived-in and a bit rougher-looking, so will give this one some thought before I proceed.

Next week I am off to the battlefields of Normandy, but I hope to post some further progress on Paint Table Saturday before I go.

Until next time........

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