Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Merry Christmas......and Boobs!

Firstly let me wish the beloved readers of this Blog a wonderful Christmas. I hope you made it onto Santa's list and that he brings you all those shiny toys you have been coveting all year!
I have received my Secret Santa and Santa Clause gifts, and I am most excited by both and looking forward to opening them tomorrow. I also know that the Current Wife has purchased me a few goodies that I may have hinted heavily about........
Speaking of the Current Wife, you may have heard in the media of a number of high-profile individuals who have had naked photo's of themselves hacked from their private accounts and displayed on the web for all to see. Unfortunately this has also happened to Mrs Pendragon - If you spot any salacious pictures of her on the Internet please let me know immediately...... Just so you're able to recognise her, here's a recent picture:

And if you believe that's the Current Wife, you probably believe in Father Christmas too.........

Until next time..................

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