Saturday, 31 January 2015

A Veritable Cornucopia of Nonsense.....

It has been a frenetic week at work my friends, compounded by an impending week's leave (hurray!) which meant attempting to second-guess anything that might occur whilst I'm off and pre-empt it. Sigh.

Nonetheless I managed to get some work done on some Reaper Bones figures. Now I'm used to the plastic-type material I am enjoying painting these, plus they are uber-cheap.  I suspect those die-hard fantasy figure painters online who spend countless hours on an individual figure, creating a superb work of art, prefer their metal counterparts. To their Michelangelo, I am merely a jobbing painter and decorator as it were, but it keeps me happy, especially if I can turn out a useful item for the collection! When I used to GM on a regular basis I wouldn't want to put a figure on the table that I'd spent three days painting (it might get damaged!) - an item that represented (reasonably well) what the players were facing was more than adequate, and I've stuck to that as my painting maxim ever since. I could, with a lot of effort,  turn out something that made the onlooker go 'Wow', but why would I want to?!

Reaper Bones
I also received a little order from Battlezone Miniatures this week, just a few figures I liked the look of and fancied painting - I think they are old Grenadier sculpts, but don't quote me. They are very reasonably priced and should be fun to paint up.
The Current Wife came up trumps this week with a charity shop purchase designed to gladden my heart - a rectangular ceramic palette to match my chrysanthemum one (who can say 'Chrysanthemum' without thinking of Monty Python?).

I have a number of plastic ones from various sources but they are invariably throwaway items, whilst the ceramic ones always scrub up like new, so are much more environmentally-friendly (if that's your thing).
But wait, what is that sneaking onto the paint table? It looks, it can't be, not another new project??!!
Peter Pig English Civil War (of which more later)....
And finally.... Some of you may have noticed that my painting music (right) generally changes on a weekly basis. Whilst I don't listen to it exclusively it is usually the one album that is played repeatedly that week. The current one is XII from Barclay James Harvest, an excellent sub-prog band from my younger days. I was fortunate enough to see them live, and very good they were too. If you want to hear the genius of just one of their members (the late lamented Woolly Wolstenholme) then try this from YouTube: Galadriel
Best listened to after a couple of hefty merlots, this is the musical equivalent of an angel licking your soul....
And yes, I was extremely careful about the spelling of that last sentence!
I can't think of a nicer way to celebrate my 60th post.
Until next time.......


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