Saturday, 10 January 2015

PTS, Therapy and Bargains

It's Paint Table Saturday and normally by now I would have squeezed in a Sunday or mid-week post for those of you with nothing better to do but read this nonsense (no offence...). However, the first full week back to work has been ridiculously busy, and somewhat intense in nature. Nevertheless I managed to carry on with some more dungeon scenery from the collection of unpainted stuff in the Shed of Delights. After a tough day at work I find these little items extremely therapeutic - I can make up colour schemes, even invent little tales around each piece as I paint them. No pressure to get the uniform correct or churn out masses of troops, so they have proved ideal for my current circumstances - I may never use them, but I have enjoyed painting them, and they've helped me switch off.

Once again most of the items are from Scotia Grendel. I also found time to knock up a dungeon adventurer or possibly a dungeon hireling from a Fireforge plastic Foot Sergeant:

I shall have to improve his base at some point - perhaps one of those fancy cast-resin items with sculpted flagstones. 
I also picked up some great bargains in North Star's January Sale, although I fear these are now sold out. £4.90 per pack of 8 figures - now that's a bargain!
These are all Crusader Miniatures - I love their chunky no-nonsense look. Despite the Christmas rush, and North Star being extremely busy I had these within days - Excellent work Nick. I haven't always been a fan of North Star's customer service - they botched up the first three orders I ever made to them! Now, however the service is always good, and they do a huge range of great figures. They are also now importing Bob Murch's delightful Pulp figures. Whilst they (and Pulp gaming in general) is a temptation, I shall try and abstain. I just wish they'd been around when I used to run my Call of Cthulhu games - they would have been fantastic on the tabletop!
Anyway, January continues apace. I am very much looking forward to participating in Roy Williamson's Play-by-Blog western gunfight: I am The Ysabel Kid, and I am one mean 'ornery SOB!

Until next time............................

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