Sunday, 22 February 2015

29th Division work in progress plus Ebay Alert


For reasons I still can't quite fathom I have been pushing on with my 28mmm American infantry. They occupy a small wall-mounted display cabinet which is backed with a reproduction D-Day map of the Omaha Beach area, and is lit by a strip of battery operated LEDs.

I still need to add a few more 'grunts' (horrible term really) plus an anti-tank gun and (maybe) another tank - its always hard to say no to a tank! I fancy a Pershing, but we'll see - Salute 2015 is just around the corner.......


 Believe it or not the webbing on all these figures is a different colour to their jackets, but it's really hard to tell in these pictures!


 These MG bases look great until you put them on the first floor of a ruined farmhouse!


On the subject of Salute, I am having a springclean of the Shed of Delights so will soon be putting all sorts of wargaming and RPG stuff onto ebay to a) beef up the spending fund and b) make room for the new purchases I will no doubt make (it being my only show this year)! The half-track in the picture above will be one of the items I'll be getting rid of, as well as all my ebob collection, and lots of other bits and pieces.
I can be found on ebay as Markham888, and everything will be auctioned with a small starting price which I find tends to encourage bidding. I will continue to offer overseas postage, but will now be adding full insurance to the costs after getting my fingers (read 'wallet') badly burned by a transaction to Lithuania.
Advert over!
Until next time..........

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