Sunday, 15 February 2015

A Whiff of Helium?

Like thousands of others I bought into the Conan kickstarter that finished last week. This miniatures game looks to be faithful to the whole vision of the mighty Cimmerian that has evolved since Howard first created him.

If you visit the kickstarter page there are a number of excellent videos detailing the rules, how the game plays, and where all the components fit in. You also get to see the superb quality of the miniatures themselves.
This got me thinking - the game mechanics, and the components, would admirably lend themselves to one of my favourite fantasy subjects: John Carter of Mars......

From the age of about 9, when I first read this abridged version of A Princess of Mars, I have been enamoured of Barsoom and its culture, history and inhabitants.

The similarities between John Carter and Conan, in terms of the whole pulp genre are manifold: the solitary hero, usually rescuing the Princess, battling unworldly monsters and evil tyrants. On top of that is the way both Carter and Conan have been portrayed, often by the same artists!
The ideal scenario would be for Monolith to realise the potential and produce such a thing, especially after Conan's successful funding, but it wouldn't be impossible to produce a home-made version:  I can see it would not be too difficult to translate the whole game across to create a Barsoomian variant. For example, miniatures could be provided by the superb Bronze Age Miniatures . It's just an idea at this stage, but one I would love to see realised.
So - this post was generally me just thinking aloud about a subject dear to my heart, however - it does give me the opportunity to share this lovely image from the much-maligned John Carter movie, which I thought was excellent (despite some of the liberties it took with the Burroughs canon):
Lynn Collins as Princess Dejah Thoris of Helium
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