Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Into The Time Tunnel: Episode One

No! Not the fabulous 1960's Sci-Fi series:

I got to thinking (as you do) what advice I would give to my (much) younger self regarding our wonderful hobby if I were able to go back in time? You see I've been musing over all the wasted efforts that I have expended getting to this point (nearing my mid-50's) when I find myself much more focussed and committed to finishing things I start!

So, let us enter the time tunnel, and drift back into the murky (black and white) past where we find:

No! We've gone too far back! That's not me - that cherubic face is as ridiculous as the one Ray Rousell uses for his avatar! Let's try again:

Well, that's not me, and I didn't have that many toys either, but the haircut looks right, so it'll do. I had a Portsmouth childhood. It was a world of Cherilea figures from the cheapy shop on Fratton Bridge:
Swoppet knights from the toy shop in North End:
Timpo sets for Christmas from LDB's in Arundel Street:
and Airfix soldiers from almost anywhere, including the Newsagent by Baffins Pond:

(These figures kept turning up in my grandparent's flower beds well into my twenties)!
and then finally, the ultimate discovery: Minifigs as sold by Robin Thwaites in the Tricorn (before they too moved to Arundel Street):
Episode Two will follow shortly.
Until next time...........


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