Sunday, 8 March 2015

Into the Time Tunnel: Episode Two

So, before I got carried away with my last post, I posed the question: What advice would I give my younger (gaming) self and why?

Yes - this is you when you grow up - Deal with it!

1) You are just starting out on a wonderful hobby that will consume your time and your money! So - beware the Butterfly Effect! Initially stick to one period and one scale of figures. Learn to paint 15mm or 20mm reasonably well and amass some suitable scenery. And get your figures based!

Sure! Plastic's fine, but move on to metals as soon as funds allow - and get rid of that Roman Chariot!

2) I know Look & Learn features exciting battle pictures from across history every single week, but calm down - concentrate on one period for a good while and get to know it inside out. This will serve two purposes - it means you can bore the pants off everyone because you think you're an expert, and it will allow you time to absorb and understand the tactics and methods of warfare thoroughly - this will serve you in good stead later - especially when you listen to Nugget of Advice 3).

I know it looks great - but you said that about last week's issue!


3) Write your own rules. Refine them, chop and change them but always have a go, and base them firmly on what you discover as your knowledge of your chosen period grows and becomes clearer! Don't jump on the 'next new thing' in rules until they have become established and tested by others. Money spent on unused rules can be spent on figures!

Except this one - Buy this one straightaway!

Oh, and this one!
4) When Games Workshop starts trading buy two sets of Dungeons and Dragons immediately and place one in storage as an investment, and also wait until GW produce their own paint range then dump the enamels and switch over. Humbrol has served you well, but these are better! (From that point on treat all GW products with caution - They will attempt to bleed you dry. You do not have to own everything they produce.....).

Here - Have some more, GW........
5) Join a club if you can or even start one, or involve as many people in games as you can. There will be times you will have no opponent, so there is no shame in collecting two opposing armies and playing solo, especially as this will help you with 3).
6) Eventually (sooner rather than later) you will develop an interest in girls. This is a good thing, but do not expect them to understand your passion for toy soldiers!
Is he nuts or what?
That is probably sufficient advice for now, especially as I look into my younger eyes, I can tell I'm not really listening! I wonder what nuggets you, gentle readers, wished you'd been given concerning our hobby?
You may or may not agree with my own advice, but hey - I'm only talking to myself.
Until next time......

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