Saturday, 14 March 2015

Charity Auction on Ebay

Greetings Gentle Readers,

The great wargaming spring-clean continues apace and I will have a heap of stuff to sell from March 22nd. In the meantime I will be running a small charity auction this coming week in aid of the Sophie Lancaster Foundation.

For those who aren't aware, Sophie was murdered in 2007 aged just 20 - kicked and stamped to death by a group of mindless thugs because of her goth appearance. Her boyfriend was also badly beaten in the attack.

Sophie Lancaster
Her mother Sylvia has since set up the foundation to combat intolerance and hate crime at a grass-roots level - speaking at schools and colleges, and campaigning for changes in the way the law recognises sub-cultures. The foundation does superb work in Sophie's memory, as can be seen here. In 2014 Sylvia Lancaster received the OBE in recognition of her efforts.

Numerous musicians have also supported the foundation, or commemorated Sophie in music, notably Delain's excellent 'We are the Others'.

Anyway the following items will be available to bid on from tomorrow at 7pm GMT, and will be available on Ebay sites worldwide. Please let me know if you can't see them on your particular Ebay site: My seller name is Markham888.

Note that all auctions will start at 99 pence to encourage bidding and will end on Sunday 29th March. All proceeds will go to the foundation.

Painted and generously donated by Roy Williamson.

All being well, I hope to make this an annual event, and I may attempt to solicit painted offerings from all you painters who would like to help the work of the Sophie Lancaster Foundation!

Stamp Out Prejudice, Hatred and Intolerance Everywhere

Until next time.....

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