Saturday, 21 March 2015

Charity Auction Finishing Sunday Night!

Hi All,
Just a quick post for two reasons:

1) To remind you all that the Charity Auction of painted miniatures finishes on Sunday night (22nd) in case you want to put in a last-minute bid (I am selling on ebay as Markham888); and

2) To thank all those who've bid so far. You have all been very generous and your bids will go towards a great cause - The Sophie Lancaster Foundation. Your bids will also qualify for Gift Aid, meaning they will be bumped up by 25% by HM Government (that's them paying the extra, not you)!

Note that if you win more than one auction please pay the invoice as you receive it, and I will refund you the difference in postage the same evening. Good Luck and Thank You!

Sophie Lancaster 1986 - 2007

Until next time.....

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