Sunday, 22 March 2015

Charity Auction and Warlord Sherman Completed

Greetings Gentle Reader,

My first charity auction has finished , I will cover the P&P so you raised over £60, so thanks to all involved. The donation will go to the Sophie Lancaster Foundation as planned. Next time I hope to solicit painted figures from some of you talented bloggers out there, and raise even more funds. You have been warned!

Meanwhile I have been putting together Warlord's plastic Sherman Tank, As noted on other blogs it is slightly smaller than its resin predecessor. It is a neat little kit though, and very simple to build. The only fiddly bit was the gun mantlet, but that was my fault as I had it upside down!

The plastic tub holds lead shot to weight the tank down.

Resin counterpart on right

The completed build
I also built Crusader's delightful anti-tank gun for my US Army. I can thoroughly recommend this.

Until next time.....

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