Monday, 6 April 2015

A Little More (Bolt) Action....

Now all the ebay madness is over, and I have recaptured the dining room table in a daring coup d'état, I can continue my hobby!

This weekend I attacked Warlord's Panzer IV plastic kit for my German Bolt Action forces. Research indicates that Allied troops in Normandy were more likely to come across one of these than one of the 'Big Cats', so I figured I'd better get one for my collection.

The kit itself is a tad fiddlier than the Warlord Sherman  from a few posts ago - generally that could be put down to the Schurtzen, or protective skirts over the tracks and turret.

The skirts are held on with small brackets. These can be fiddly if you have huge sausage fingers like me - but the situation wasn't helped by the assembly leaflet having some of the turret struts wrongly numbered. It is all fairly obvious once you examine the sprue closely, but don't rely on the leaflet!

I used some sanding files to keep the track skirts in the correct position whilst the glue set, otherwise there was a tendency for them to sag inwards towards the tracks:

So - a reasonably straightforward build, and little niggles aside it went together well. I have a small amount of filling to complete still, but that's only because I'm fussy - it looks good as it stands.

As you can see there's a neat command figure for the turret hatch, plus the box contains a sheet of useful decals to apply once the tank's painted. I went for the H-Version, but you can also make the G and F.
Until next time.....

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