Saturday, 25 April 2015

Salute Bloggers Meet: Identify Yourselves!

Home from Salute 2015, my first Salute in four years. I was pushed for time but just about managed to make it to the Blogger's Meet. I was able to briefly meet Postie and Ray, and also bumped into Big Lee elsewhere in the hall. I was pleased to get a chance to have a quick natter with Simon Miller of the Bigredbatcave at his lovely Cremona table (pictures to follow later), who was a perfect gent.

In the meantime, If you were photographed at the Blogger's Meet, please identify yourself.

That's Yours Truly crouched at the front (forced to carry some of my own swag due to Mrs P's protests at struggling with three carrier bags and a rucksack full!). I have identified Ray (so much better-looking in real life according to Mrs P,,,), Postie and Big Lee (both friendly and approachable).  Tamsin and Anne I recognise from Ray's photo last year, but the rest? If you're on here, or can ID someone who is, please leave a comment and let me know - it'll be great to link the blog with the author!

And the swag - I bought a ridiculous amount - I was like a kid in a sweetshop, but hey! I haven't been since 2011, and I work hard!

Until next time.....

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