Sunday, 10 May 2015

Update: Sarissa Windmill and some Heavy Firepower

Greetings Gentle Readers,

Not much to report - We have Belgium Boy staying with us again so I can't get the paints out and dominate the dining room table until he's left (apparently it would be bad form to reveal that we often eat off trays whilst sitting in the lounge).....In the meantime I am constructing some of the swag from Salute so I will have lots of bits to paint as soon as normal service is resumed! I can clear these away easily at mealtimes!

First up is the Sarissa Precision Post Windmill. A nice easy build this, and it is quite a big building for under £20!  My only disappointment is that the top half doesn't have the etched planking of the lower half - I have emailed Sarissa in case this is just an error. The example on their website does have etched planking - I wonder if anyone else has experienced this?

Close-up of the offending area.....

It should look great on the table once painted, and the base tricked up a bit. I have also started the Pershing and King Tiger tanks from Warlord/Bolt Action. This will give me a nice selection of tanks for both my Americans and Germans to choose from. The resin was washed before construction and they are going together nicely.

On a completely different note I see I am rapidly approaching 10,000 page views, so I must organise a giveaway - I believe that's the normal way of celebrating these things! Whilst it will only be a small giveaway compared to Ray's, I will try and dig out something interesting from the Shed of Delights.
NEWS: Steve at Sarissa has responded with great speed to my email and confirms that the lack of detail is a cutting error, and that he plans to replace it promptly for me! Excellent news as far as I'm concerned, and a great example of this company's customer service. The Sarissa staff at Salute were not only helpful, but managed to maintain their sense of humour despite being under siege from needy punters most of the day - myself included!
Until next time....

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