Sunday, 17 May 2015

10,000 Page Views Giveaway and Boobs

Greetings Gentle Readers,

I recently passed 10,000 page views which pleased me greatly - my humble witterings obviously have some merit! I am also nearing my first anniversary in the Blogosphere, so what better excuses do I need to host a

Now, it won't be a grand one like Ray's recent mega-giveaway (you have to admire the man's administration skills!), it's just a small and simple thing to say thanks to all you poor deluded fools who frequent this site.

The giveaway consists of this:

Everyone needs a church - Right?!

Although it currently looks like this:

It is Warbase's lovely 28mm church. I have also chucked in some Renedra gravestones and a rain barrel in resin. This would make a nice little project for most periods of warfare I reckon. It is what it is - if you can't use it yourself, you'll know someone who could, I'm sure. Hell - I don't even care if you chuck it on Ebay! Do what you want with it! I will post it free of charge anywhere in the world, so there are no strings attached.
Dave Hoyt has done wonders with his - Check it out here.
So - To win the giveaway you must:
a) Be a follower or member of this Blog,
b) Advertise the giveaway on your own blog (if you have one),
c) leave a comment below expressing your interest.
The winner will be randomly selected next Sunday (May 24th). Simple eh!

News Note: I am still awaiting my replacement windmill from Sarissa Precision, but Steve assures me it's on it's way. He has also added a little extra something as an apology for the error. Great customer service - I'll let you know when it arrives.

Until next time.....

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