Saturday, 20 June 2015

Pendragon's Law in Action

Greetings Gentle Readers,

It appears that Pendragon's Law has struck again. If this carries on I have no doubt I will be labelled either a whinger (or possibly a Pommie Whinger if Evan and Millsy read this), or a cheapskate. I am honestly neither - as usual I JUST WANT WHAT I PAID FOR!

I ordered 30 lovely Norman spearmen to augment my Dark Ages stuff. No problem there - they arrived without any drama and are lovely figures - Thank you North Star! As is usual with these figures you are obliged to provide your own spears.

Not a problem, thinks I, so I popped straight over to the 1st Corps website and ordered the exact number I required (30) for a measly £4.00. Excellent! £2.00 postage for something weighing less than a ladybird's turd - not so excellent, but hey...I needed them so I awaited them eagerly. Those of you familiar with Pendragon's Law will realise that that was my obvious mistake. If I had merely forgotten about them they would have dropped through the letterbox with no fuss, probably the next day!

So, when when they arrived there were only 20 spears:

'Obviously my fault' was my first reaction and popped back to the 1st Corps website and checked. Take a look here - Does that say 30 or does it say 20?!

Rest assured I have contacted 1st Corps via their website, and as you might expect from my previous escapades with manufacturers, I have been ignored completely.....I know it's a really minor purchase but FFS it's more hassle for me as usual.

So - what would you do? Buy another pack? Keep on complaining? Or write it up on your Blog and see what happens?
Answers below please!

Until next time...

Update: Many thanks for your comments - it seems we are in accord! I have passed a link to this blog to 1st Corps and await developments. I am starting to feel like Ann Robinson.....

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