Sunday, 14 June 2015

A New Acquisition

Just a short post - I have acquired a lovely print to adorn the wall above my painting area. It comes courtesy of a friend's late father. She has been listing his collection of militaria for sale following his sudden demise, and asked my advice on a few items. I fell in love with this picture as soon as I set eyes on it. Odd, because I have no great interest in the 2nd Afghan War - but there you go, that's art for you!

She offered it to me at a reasonable price so I snapped it up, and am very pleased with it. (I may be assisting her to sell some further items at a later date via this Blog, so keep an eye on future posts).

It is titled 'Saving the guns at the Battle of Maiwand' by Richard Caton Woodville.

As I was in Salisbury yesterday, I popped in to The Wilts and Berks Regimental Museum whilst the females shopped, and came across this:

Bobby the Dog

Bobby was apparently one of the survivors of the Battle of Maiwand, and much celebrated in the press and subsequent accounts as the epitome of Victorian loyalty and steadfastness. Here he is barking at the enemy ferociously. Biting may have been more effective, but who am I to judge - I wasn't there.

Unfortunately he later came to an ignominious end, run over by a horse-drawn cab in Gosport.Anyone who has had experience of Gosport traffic will not be surprised at this.......

For further wargaming goodness on Maiwand, I heartily recommend this Blog, which I found fascinating.

Until next time.....

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