Thursday, 24 March 2016

From Hell........

Greetings Gentle Readers,
We've been playing an awful lot of Letters From Whitechapel, FFG's excellent board game based on the murders of Jack the Ripper:

The board is an absolute work of art, based on a Victorian street map of Whitechapel:

Play is very tense, and whether you play Jack, or the pursuing Police, there is suspense enough to keep you playing over and over again. Best played as a two player (IMO) and using the optional extra rule called Rushing which allows the coppers an extra move if they do nothing else, seems to balance the game out nicely. Unfortunately, me being me (and I know most of you feel the same) I found the game pieces a bit.........dull.

So, thanks to a quick trawl of the WonderWeb I found sufficient substitutes, plus some vehicles for a little colour:

The Boys in Blue - Where's Jack?

Bugger - We're too late! ....And Two Jacks?

Ladies of the Night (arranged in order of price) Splendid!

The Black Maria awaits Jack's capture.

Jack can use Hansom Cabs (and Alleyways) to evade pursuit.

In Play: The murdered unfortunate becomes the Time of Crime Marker. Note the obligatory bottle of Whores Blood Wine.

The Game is so enthralling the wine is untouched!

How much? Tuppence? I can't afford that on my wages.....

The Police close in on Jack's Hideout.

All in all a highly recommended game once you fiddle slightly with the rules. it gives an exciting game and isn't too long so you can get a few games in during an evening, and it's easy to interest non-gamers in too.

Until next time........

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