Wednesday, 1 June 2016

MCM Comic Con London 2016 - A Grand Day Out.

Greetings Gentle Readers,

We have been to... well you can probably guess by the title of this post!

It was a fantastic day - we met lots of lovely people with excellent costumes, saw lots of brilliant ideas we can use in our steampunk outfits, and bought a few little bits and pieces too, to enhance our existing costumes.
My Clockwork Rifle impressed the Police attending: 'Now that's a gun!' was one comment:

We spotted Hannah Spearitt, Chris Barrie, Robert LLewellyn, and Warwick Davies, but we were much more impressed by our fellow cosplayers:

The Excel was absolutely heaving with people, with something like half of them dressed-up to some degree or other. There was a dedicated Steampunk area with stalls and the regional heats of Tea Duelling, the finals of which will be decided in Lincoln this summer at The Asylum Steampunk Festival  - We are looking forward to that immensely! The tea-duelling however was tense, and the malted milk biscuits did not respond well to the rapidly cooling tea, leading to some intense staring between the contestants, attempting to out-psyche each other:

The heat was eventually won by the young lady on the right, with a terrifyingly-fast Nom that nearly saw her lose the 'cow' entirely! Splendid fun, and a worthy winner. The full rules for tea duelling, and details of its governing body can be found here.

We came away with a top hat for me:

and a lovely embroidered patch from Doctor Geof....

...and Artemis now has a delightful military-style jacket, suitable for use in several outfits as the need arises:

Finally I must stress that while there were many excellent outfits at Comic Con - some elaborate and huge, and some mind-bogglingly skimpy, there were far too many Jokers, Harley Quinns and Deadpools for my liking....

.....but I suppose people want to dress as their heroes.. There were also some costumes that perhaps shouldn't have seen the light of day but I will spare the blushes of the creators/wearers, and keep those pictures to myself! The steampunk community excelled themselves however....

.....and it was all in all a great day, tiring but immense fun. People were very complimentary about our humble efforts, and we were photographed many times, much to our surprise and delight. The Dinosaur Hunter and Madame Kraken will be modified ready for the next event, and we will continue to mess around with alternative outfits from alternative realities.

Until next time.......

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