Thursday, 28 May 2015

Pendragon's Law

Greetings Gentle readers,

You will never guess what the postman brought me today!

Oh, you knew. Fair enough! It is of course the wayward and much-anticipated Post Windmill replacement from Sarissa Precision. It only took 18 days to get to me - this is due to a phenomena known as Pendragon's Law: It has similarities to to Murphy's Law (ie If it can go wrong it will) - Pendragon's Law is 'If it can lost or damaged in the post it will be - the delay inversely related to how desperately I am awaiting said parcel'.

In Sarissa's defence the original replacement was apparently returned to them in bits 'Looking like it had been run over' (Sarissa Steve's words) ' a truck carrying 4Ground products' (My Words LOL). This therefore is the replacement for the replacement of the faulty original - a fine example of Pendragon's Law in action.

Steve was kind enough to include a German Field Wagon with my parcel which is appreciated.

On other fronts, this weekend sees the return of our lodger to his native Belgium. This means I can appropriate the dining room table again and set up my painting area. Three weeks is far too long not to lift a brush!
So my plans for June and beyond are painting (and maybe some gaming) in the following scales and periods:

  1. 28mm Indian Mutiny using WRG's Fire and Steel Rules or Songs of Drums and Shakoes.
  2. 15mm American War of Independence using Steve the Wargamer's variant of Will McNally's Rules or perhaps Andy Callan's Loose Files & American Scramble.
  3. 28mm Wars Of the Roses with Lion Rampant
  4. 28mm English Civil War with this Lion Rampant variant.
  5. 28mm Early Medieval using Lion Rampant.
  6. 28mm WW2 (Normandy and beyond) using Bolt Action.
  7. 28mm Dark Ages with Lion Rampant, using the variant published in Wargames Illustrated, or Victory With Honour (from Wargames Vault).
  8. Lots of scenery, much part-completed
  9. Plus: WW2 Naval, Perhaps some Pellucidarian Lost World Pulp games, I am also intrigued by Frostgrave from North Star. Looking ahead we have the Conan game due later this year too....

As usual I won't achieve half of the above, and will be continually sidetracked by some new shininess, but I hope there will be something for everyone! You are, of course, all welcome along for the ride.

Until next time.....

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